Thursday, June 9, 2011


A few years ago, before we were married, Ray tried three times to get a visit visa to the States. Each time he was rejected (rudely) with no real explanation as to why. We decided a few months ago that we would try to apply again. There are still a lot of my relatives whom he's never met, and I didn't like the idea of going on a month-long vacation without him. Also, I've always felt like he won't be able to know and understand everything about me unless he sees my country.

His previous attempts at applying were terrible experiences--having to collect bank statements and other ridiculous documents, rude interviewers, long waiting times in the sun, and, after all that, rejection. This time was completely different. We waited for a couple minutes, everyone was friendly, and he wasn't even asked for half of the documents he brought with him.


He got it! I've said before that the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi is probably the most unfriendly place on earth. Today, I did a little happy dance in the most unfriendly place on earth. And it didn't seem so unfriendly anymore. I've been waiting for about four years now to take Ray to my other home, the place I grew up and lived most of my life. Now he'll be able to know all of me.

Today is a great day.


  1. That is so awesome - so happy for you! It is kinda like when I wanted to get pregnant - it didn't happen for a long time and it was very hard emotional time for me. But when I did finally get pregnant, everything has been perfect. Also, I wouldn't have had a home birth if I had gotten pregnant when I thought it was time - and I am sure a lot of other things wouldn't been right either. It is amazing the favor God gives us!

  2. How exciting! Have a fantastic trip!

  3. YEEHAW! Cant wait to show Ray the motherland!;)